Episode 35: Simon Roche - Marathon Des Sables: Planning for Success


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In this episode, Coach Philip talks with Simon Roche, who recently completed the Marathon des Sables. The MdS, as it is affectionately known, is labelled as the toughest foot race on earth, and Simon came in the top 50, amongst the elite runners and was proudly the 8th Brit across the line. Simon's Coach, Trevor, also joins the conversation and the pair talk about the preparation needed for such an event, how they managed setbacks and the extreme level of trust in the process that they both focussed in. There are lessons here for all athletes of any ability to take forwards and realise that you don't have to start by being one of the best in the world, you have to trust the process and slowly chip away at getting better, and you will travel very far. It was also fascinating to hear how much preparation and specific training played pivotal roles in success. If planning is a big part of success, then this experience certainly added to it, and there are direct associations that all of you can apply to your racing and everyday life. We hope you enjoy hearing about this race in the desert! Instagram – MrRocherun (@rocherun) • Instagram photos and videos Website – Simon Roche is fundraising for The Gatehouse (justgiving.com)

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