Episode 61: The Tax Cure with Dr. Thomas Black


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In this episode, Shawn is joined by Dr. Thomas Black as they discuss how to take advantage of real estate, why you should write-off as much as you can on your taxes, and how to choose where to invest. Dr. Thomas Black is a physician, real estate investor, co-founder of Napali Capital, and a member of Odyssey. Tune in to learn how Thomas started with renting out his own house to now having 1,500 units and 3 hotels under his control.

“Failures are lessons. You either win or you learn.”

- Dr. Thomas Black

In This Episode:

- What motivated Thomas to be interested in real estate

- Learn how Thomas makes 7-figures on his tax bill

- How taking risks as an investor helps the economy overall

- How a 30 hour work week can make you millions of dollars

- Why single-family rentals are the best way to enter the real estate field


- The Passive Income Physician

- The Tax Cure

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