GGACP Classic: Ron Friedman


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May's Jewish Heritage Month continues as GGACP revisits one of their funniest interviews out of 400+ with veteran comedy writer Ron Friedman (“Get Smart,” “The Odd Couple,” “All in the Family,” "Barney Miller") who worked with (and wrote for) everyone from Lucille Ball to Milton Berle to Danny Kaye to Orson Welles -- and has the war stories to show for it. Also, Herve Villechaize packs heat, Sammy Davis meets Charlie’s Angels, Ron writes “Murder Can Hurt You!” and Pat McCormick takes a…”dip” in Jonathan Winters’ pool. PLUS: Vaughn Meader! Stump and Stumpy! Christmas carols for Jewish people! Forrest Tucker introduces “the General”! And Ron creates Paul Lynde’s Uncle Arthur!

(Special thanks to Gino Salomone!)

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