Pull It Up - Episode 21 - S13


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Pull It Up - Episode 21 (Saison 12) Du 21 Janvier 2021.
Tracklist :
Harny Roots - Escolta - Rub-A-Dub En Català
Digital English - Here I Come Riddim
Roman Stewart - Love & Hate (Remix)
Tony Brevrette - Don'T Get Weary
Meditations - Tribal War
Roman Stweart - Cohdeh
Roman Stewart - Love & Hate (Remix)
Bud - Baby Don'T Worry
Christopher & Donavan Steel - Ebony Eyes
Tony Tuff - Hell Of A Woman
Bobby Hustle X Asha D - Wrapped Around Your Finger
Bukkha - Inna Rubadub
Dandelion - Time For The Rebel
Jane Bee & Roger Robinson - End Of The Line
Sarah Tobias - Inna Rubadub (Sax & Flute Cut)
O.B.F Feat Charlie P - Fufu Lala
Rob Symeonn Flashmo - In The Air - Be Prepared
Natty King - Jah Is My Guide - Rebellution
The Mighty Diamonds - Doughnut Gang - Better Days
George Nooks - Nuh Badda Worry - Through It All
Da Lion Music Feat. Thorpido & Salma Queen - Be Safe - In This Time
Soja / Eli Mac / Common Kings - It'S Funny - Beauty In The Silence
Silent Nancy Shaka The King - Tell Me What Side I'M On - Inside Voices
Juicy'S Empire Feat. Guive - C'Est Une Tueuse - From Jamaica To Paris
Alton Ellis - Road To Slavery
Humbleness Production - Boom Shell Riddim
Leroy The Heptones Sibbles - Pretty Brown Eyed Girl
Mykal Rose - Street'S No More
Young Garvey - Use Weh She Got
Lutan Fyah - Rub A Dub Style
Zion Albert - Jah Children - Omega Dub
Junior X - I'Ll Be Damned
MH Record - Veteran Riddim
Burro Banton - Food
Uru - Smash Capitalism
Sista Manu - Keep Calm
Sk Simeon & Deep Fried Dub - I Will Make It
Lutan Fyah - Stay Real
Luciano - I Wish I Was There
Digivybz Records - Life Too Sweet Riddim
Hezron - That'S My Way
Empress Mackeybah - Sweet Reggae Music
Trudiva - Everybody Needs

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