Show #507 - Levi Kitchen, Lewis Phillips, Ryan Morais, Kris Keefer with Tyler and Adam Enticknap In-Studio


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Levi Kitchen has made his jump to the pro ranks and we have him on to see what he thinks about his transition thus far. Lewis Phillips has been covering all sides of some recent MXGP drama across the pond and we get him on the line to discuss what's really going on and check his temperature again on just how bad he misses being in the US covering the Series' here. Ryan Morais of KTM is on to discuss his new role at KTM and talks about the growing pains of the newest KTM for some riders. Kris Keefer calls up to discuss Loretta's qualifying and the costs involved. We have the Brothers' Enticknap in studio for good vibes, good times and great conversation!

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