Accountability Definition - It's Probably Not What You Think it is


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Have you ever heard someone say "We have to hold people more accountable?" or "We need to be more accountable around here?" A lot of leaders mistakenly confuse accountability for "Getting people in trouble when they do something wrong."
In reality, accountability is the process of aligning what was expected with what occurred. And to the surprise of many, this also includes the scenarios when your team meets or exceeds your expectations.
To teach this lesson through the unique lens of Leadership Chalk Talk, Nate analyzes post game comments from Joel Embiid and James Harden following their season-ending loss to the Miami Heat. He also uses quotes from Steelers' Coach Mike Tomlin, and breaks down Russell Westbrook's first seasons with the Lakers to creatively teach you how to establish a culture of accountability within your team. It all starts with clear and realistic expectations.
Tune in to learn how to be an accountable leader, starting with a simple 10-minute activity that can immediately set you on a path to success.
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