The Boys Season 3 Spoilers with Claudia Doumit: Victoria Neuman’s Complex Internal Conflict


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Claudia Doumit is on fire as Victoria Neuman in Season 3 of The Boys. She did make a big impression when she was first introduced in Season 2 of the Prime Video series, but we had to wait nearly the entire season to see what Neuman was really capable of. Now, in Season 3, not only is Neuman less secretive about her head-popping ability, but she’s also proving to be one of the most complex characters to track.

Neuman may convey a certain set of goals and values to the public, but deep down, she’s got a top-secret agenda that she’s determined to see through to protect her daughter, Zoe (Olivia Morandin).

You don’t become this skilled at conveying multiple emotions and intentions in a single moment without some serious training and experience, and Doumit has certainly put in the work in that respect. With Season 3 of The Boys now available to stream in its entirety, Doumit joined us for an episode of Collider Ladies Night Pre-Party to recap how she went from getting rejected from acting schools in Australia to starring in one of the hottest shows on Prime Video.

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