GGACP Classic: Charles Fox


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GGACP celebrates the 40th anniversary of one of Gilbert's favorite comedies, "Zapped!" (released July 23, 1982) with this 2019 interview featuring Grammy and Emmy winning composer Charles Fox. In this episode, Charles looks back on a six-decade career of writing top 40 hits (“Killing Me Softly with His Song,” "Ready to Take a Chance Again") as well as music and themes for TV shows (“Happy Days,” “Wonder Woman”) feature films (“Barbarella,” “9 to 5”) and game shows (“Match Game,” “What’s My Line?”). Also, Charles praises Ernie Kovacs, pens a tune for Burt Reynolds, witnesses the Ed Ames tomahawk incident and remembers friends Neal Hefti, Jerry Goldsmith and Henry Mancini. PLUS: "The Green Slime"! “Love, American Style”! The Charles Fox Singers! And the boys pay loving tribute to Paul Williams!

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