A Conversation with Jamie Madden


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The Irish Dindshenchas The Lore of Prominent Places are a collection of origin stories which celebrate stories in the landscape. Yet, could they also inspire creative approaches to town planning? Join Chris and Jamie, a storyteller, genealogist and town planner, originally from Boston and now living in Seattle, as, together, they explore the broad and exciting scope of dindshenchas style stories. mage of the rear of the Cathedral of the Holy Cross and the Cathedral Public Housing development, on the site of the Irish immigrant neighborhood my ancestors lived in until its ‘slum clearance’ demolition. The old elevated orange line train ran on Washington St, past the front side (not pictured) of the cathedral up until the 1980s. Links for this episode A link from Jamie: A story that inspired a beach nameJamie's link to information on his mentor, Tunny LeeMythical Women re-visited: Discovering Sinann.Information about the Corlea Trackway, Longford

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