Christina Ricci Interview: From Addams Family Values to Yellowjackets


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Collider Ladies Night is all about revisiting lessons learned and discussing how they’ve influenced the current path a creator is on. In Christina Ricci’s case, her decade’s worth of experience has led her straight to an Emmy nomination for playing a character who seems to well reflect her greatest ambitions as an artist. Yes, an artist.

Ricci is nominated for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Series for her work playing Misty Quigley in Showtime’s Yellowjackets. If you’re not caught up on the show, what are you waiting for? Yellowjackets is one of the most enthralling, enigmatic new series to hit screens in recent series, and it also features some of the best ensemble casting of all time.

Just in case you need the basics, the title Yellowjackets refers to the name of a 1996 New Jersey high school soccer team gearing up to play in a national tournament. However, on the way there, their plane crashes in the middle of nowhere, forcing the girls to go to the extreme in order to survive. In addition to covering the events of 1996, the show also cuts to 2021 where we find the survivors of the incident trying to live normal lives. That includes Ricci’s Misty, a former soccer team equipment manager turned care facility nurse. Misty is all about connection and caring for others, but she’s certainly made a habit of going about achieving those things in all the wrong ways.

During our Collider Ladies Night conversation, we went back to the beginning of Ricci’s career and discussed how her goals as a child actor evolved with the rise of independent filmmaking and how all of her experience paved the way to her bringing one of the most enigmatic, darkly fascinating TV characters to screen -- Yellowjackets' Misty Quigley.

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