#187 - StarCast: "The Void Approaches"


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On this episode of StarCast... where do we start? Well it has been seven months since episode 186 and the two of us have had a long and restful sleep in our cryo-pods. We awoke to the sound of StarCraft 2 busting open at the seems with so much awesome the only choice we had was to record a new episode.
We are very excited to hear about Legacy of the Void and all of the new units, changes, and modes it is bringing with it. Discussed on this episode are all of the new units, changes to existing units, the new modes, sweeping changes to the core multiplayer gameplay, WCS, LotV's campaign, and emails via StarCastShow@gmail.com.
Please enjoy this episode of StarCast. We weren't sure when we would record a new show but this seemed like the perfect time. Good luck and have fun!

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