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Renew PT Health is the most suitable place for people suffering with neck pain in Georgetown, KY. We are providing ultimate physical therapy to people in pain and help them recover easily in less time. By getting a treatment in friendly and comfortable environment, we ensure you will definitely get relief from the pain. For more detail, visit:
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The Church in Pergamum was exceptionally faithful to Jesus, but they were also corrupt due to some really bad ideas. Jesus was faithful to them, too—and He rebuked them in order to bless them—along with the rest of the world… Calvary Georgetown Divide
GPPR Podcast Editor Brian Marroquín (MPM ’22) spoke with Sol Anderson, the President & CEO of the Evanston Community Foundation, about the role of community foundations in public policy and dynamic approaches to community building. In this podcast, Mr. Anderson emphasizes the importance of relationships and active listening to affect positive chang…
According to Jesus Himself, there is a single qualification to be one of His churches—and considering Who set this standard and from where He said it, every church should stand and listen—or tremble… [Rev. 1:12-2:7] Calvary Georgetown Divide
In the history of the world, only a single individual ever died and came back to life never to die again—a man who beat the menacing fate afflicting all people everywhere—death—just one man who became everything the world ever needed to bring genuine hope for life. And we get to be just like Him forever—but what will that be like? Here’s one of the…
GPPR Podcast Editor Kyra Brown (MPP '23) spoke with McCourt Professor Pamela Herd about some of the bureaucratic obstacles people encounter when trying to access government benefits, services, and rights. In this podcast, Dr. Herd talks about implementation of the CARES Act and how administrative setbacks can exacerbate inequitable and inefficient …
John, Revelation’s scribe, was overwhelmed the moment he began to write it down—and his amazement is highly contagious. A Palm Sunday message from the pages of Revelation. The blessings just keep coming… (Rev. 1:5-8) Calvary Georgetown Divide
Who can understand Revelation? The answer will surprise you—because you’re part of it. Even more amazing are the blessings that come to those who read it and do what it says— and it’s not even difficult. Grace and peace to you… Calvary Georgetown Divide
What is Revelation all about? Here’s the whole Book—from first to last—in a single message—a great signpost warning us of the approaching wrath of God and the return of the King. Fasten your seatbelts… Calvary Georgetown Divide
The final words of Daniel’s prophetic book tell us much and—like Daniel—leaves us wanting more. His finale is truly as grand as it is intimate, revealing and glorious. Next up—Revelation… Calvary Georgetown Divide
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