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The Triqui Itunyoso Audio New Testament (TBL) is a unique presentation of the Audio Bible. For a list of other available languages go to our website at The mission of Faith Comes By Hearing is to bring His Church together and make disciples from every nation, tribe, language, and people: to give every person the opportunity to listen completely through the New Testament in their heart language.
Apapun Itu

Apapun Itu

Dhimas Hanatalianto

Podcast tentang keresahan, obrolan gabut gak jelas, bahkan kadang saya mencurahkan isi hati dan perasaan loh, hati hati. Dengerin aja dulu, barangkali minat. Kritik saran boleh langsung ke instagram: @hanataliantoo / twitter: @hanatalianto
Berawal dari mimpi, kemudian mengayal apa kita bisa menjadi orang atas sementara eksensi jati diri belum ditemukan. Maka kelompok gabut lan rebahan nan tidak menentu membuat konsep"an biar bisa menikmati hidup ini. Intinya, podcast ini bersundau gurau bagi persahabatan. So, Enjoy this podcast and ojo lali bahagia gaes.
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Down to the last dozen or so packages left to send out for membership drive donators and prize winners. The international packages should probably start to show up in the next 2 weeks. Still working on the plans for my trip in May, and as I've said a few times, I'm hoping that I'll get to meet some "RSA people". I'll be mostly in Hamburg (for a few…
David Letterman stopped reading Top 10 lists on TV in mid-2015, but his AI clone delivered this list of Top 10 Reasons You’re a So-So Insurance Leader. Still feeling so-so? Join the leaders who are soaring to the top ranks by reading the Carrier Management feature articles they’ve read the most often over the last 10 years. Get a PDF providing free…
Join the leaders who are rising to the top ranks by reading the most popular Carrier Management articles over the last 10 years. To celebrate CarrierManagement’s 10th Anniversary, we’re unlocking these top featured articles from 2013-2022. Check them out. Get a PDF providing free access to 100 top Carrier Management features—10 for each of the last…
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