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We travel the country to take photographs of Americana at night. During a long exposure, we use the glow of a full moon as an external light source. The color you see bursting from broken windows and splashed across peeling walls hasn’t been manipulated by post-production technology. We pop strobes and wield flashlights like paintbrushes across the interiors of these spaces. We venture into the abandoned to give it life, return a warmth—a heart & soul—to places long forgotten. Our country’s ...
a regular show about two best friends catching up and reviewing comic book television shows like Arrow, The Flash, Gotham, Daredevil, The Walking Dead, and many more! As well as news updates in the comic book world of geekery and pop culture
Welcome to Small Screen Justice: A Podcast About Superhero TV! This podcast is dedicated to celebrating, critiquing, and joking about superhero television. The shows we plan to cover include Arrow, The Flash, Agents of Shield, Gotham, and many more. Join Dan, Nare, and the occasional guest as they dissect television news and review episodes of these great shows.
The Hot Flash Podcast

The Hot Flash Podcast

Anita Schwier + Amy Pecoraro

The Hot Flash Podcast was created to deliver encouragements and nuggets of wisdom from all the life experiences of two sisters and hopefully a lot of laughter. Designed For women who are over 40, and those who will be over 40 one day, this bi-weekly podcast is loaded with practical information and tips on life, parenting, marriage and business. Like a hotflash, it will be sometimes intense (mostly quick) and give you a break from the day to day hustle and bustle of life. Please subscribe to ...
Welcome to Flashpoint: the Fire Inside Podcast. Featuring leadership and team building principles designed to ignite your inner fire and help you reach your full potential.On our program, you will learn from professional athletes, military and business experts, inspirational figures, leaders in the fire service, and other top achievers who have reached the pinnacle of success in their chosen fields.
Tune in every day to the Bronc New Flash with Alexander Junge and Taylor Tunstall for your world in two minutes. Hear directly from the top newsmakers on-campus and around the world, about the news stories that impact your world most including: business, politics, human interest, sports, and entertainment. It’s your world and it’s important to stay up to date, so you can stay informed. Know what's going on at Rider University, in Mercer County, and the rest of the country. Have the ability t ...
The “Flashpoint,” as coined by Austin, is the point at which your side hustle becomes a full time thriving sustainable enterprise that will grow for years to come. The “Flashpoint” is when you know you have arrived. It’s that defining moment when you “make it.” This podcast will NOT tell you when it’s coming, but it WILL help keep you going. The purpose of this podcast is to inspire you to continued action UNTIL you hit your “Flashpoint.” Join in the journey. Your Flashpoint is coming...
The Arc Flash Podcast; a fitting name for what your ear drums will get to experience through our journey of Electrical Knowledge, Business Development, Leadership, Living a Healthy Lifestyle and Family Life as a father in the trades. Yes... most fitting indeed. Your Host, John Spier aka Warhammer your friendly neighborhood Electrician
Two guys who are life long racing fans and have always wanted to share their vast amounts of random Motorsports knowledge with the world who started a podcast. Listen to James Armas and Mark Urban talk about an old race or Motorsports event you've probably never heard of. From NASCAR to Indycar, IMSA, NHRA, CART, Grand AM, SCCA, Trans-AM, and maybe a Monster Truck Rally. It's more than a review, it's educational too.
Created, produced, and edited by Brittain Fellow Lauren Neefe, Flash Readings features Georgia Tech's Brittain Fellows presenting their current research. Each brief episode is organized into five segments—Subject, Object, Logic, Project, Where to Check It Out—that document a conversation between two Fellows, offering a succinct, cogent display of the scholarship driving the experimental pedagogy Georgia Tech's Writing and Communication Program is known for.
The state of application security is rapidly evolving and there is a need for a more frequent analysis of the threat landscape. Every month, join Setu Kulkarni, VP of Corporate Strategy and Business Development, alongside Zach Jones, Sr. Director Security Research, and other industry guests as they analyze key data points and trends, provide topical insights, and discuss what can be done to improve upon the current state of application security.
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Alex and Tom take a break from affairs of state to enjoy some funny cartoons! Wow! We look at whatever happened to HYPERBOY, and get gross with Homestar's BUG IN MOUTH DISEASE. And a Strong Bad Email, as a treat. Plus, your childhood stories! Video links in the show notes. Support us on Patreon -…
The Flash Podcast listeners, we haven’t forgotten you! While we have taken a bit of a break, the gang is getting back together very soon to resume season 8.5. as we wait for The Flash season 9! In the meantime, enjoy the audio version of our exclusive interview that we did with Superman & Lois showrunner Todd Helbing back in June, where he breaks d…
Hello Hot Flashers! We are so glad you are here and thank you for listening to another episode of The Hot Flash Podcast! In this episode we welcomed mindset + productivity coach, Amber B (which is short for Bibelheimer 😊). Amber lives in Minnesota and grew up in a household of entrepreneurs which of course, translated into her being a small busines…
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