Kshitij Jain, Founder Joveo on his journey being a 2x founder, key insights, learnings and the must-have skills for all the entrepreneurs


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Have you heard about “Programmatic Advertising”?

Well for those of you who haven’t, Programmatic Advertising, also known as programmatic display advertising, is an automatic process of planning, buying and selling ad inventory.

Before advertising was programmatic, it was done manually, which included being in touch with a sales team, and included requesting for proposals, bidding, quotation, and human negotiation. And as you can imagine, this was a very time intensive task.

With Programmatic Advertising the system automates all of this for this, and as a cherry on the cake, it provides actionable data in planning and determining what Ad content is relevant to a particular user.

For instance, a user is scanning some blog related to “baby food”. The Ad tech system evaluates the user and displays an Ad related to “offers on baby food items” or “baby food pouches”.

The guest of our today’s episode Kshitij Jain, with his company Joveo, enables recruiters with one of the most advanced Programmatic Job Advertising Platform.

Their clients include - Wells Fargo, Barclays, Rolls-Royce, Sony, HCL and several other Fortune 500 companies.

Their system claims to be driving up to 2X more relevant applicants, 40% higher click to apply conversions, at 20-50% lower Cost per Hire.

Kshitij who has spent over 20+ years in the online recruitment and hiring industry, is a second time founder with Joveo. His first company, MoBolt was acquired by Indeed in 2014, just under 2 years of being operational.

During the episode, he talks about his experience in the industry over the year, how did he and his team made MoBolt a big success within such a short-time, his learnings from his traditional-family background in India and much more.

Notes -

00:50 - What does Joveo stands for?

02:17 - Insights related to online Jobs & Hiring industry

09:47 - Motivation behind spending 20+ years in this industry

13:03 - Difference between Sales & Selling

17:16 - Magic recipe behind Mobolt

19:35 - How to focus on what the customer needs and not what the customer wants?

25:27 - “Everybody who wants to be an entrepreneur needs to know how to cold call.”

27:58 - Key milestones in Joveo’s journey

30:22 - Learnings coming from Marwari family background

39:41 - “I’m the business of the unfinished business.”

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