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Financial awareness and money issues are often pushed to the bottom of our to-do lists. In The Australian Financial Focus we talk to financial experts and everyday people who share ideas and tips for making your finances a focus - and moving you closer to your financial goals. Barry Wilkinson is the Director/Principal Broker Mortgage Broker at SW Brokerage- and has been a successful and motivated Mortgage Broker since 2004. A strong lateral thinker, Barry values professionalism, accountability, work ethic and loyalty. Barry displays dedication to superior customer service, and recognises the importance of ongoing communication throughout the loan process. Barry’s services include negotiating the best deal for his clients and continuing to build relationships and providing further support, throughout the life of a loan. With several years’ experience in the industry and a vast knowledge of lending products, Barry takes on a holistic approach with his clients to make choices that are well suited to their personal situation. Barry is passionate about working with his clients to achieve their financial goals in life. Get in touch with Barry through

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