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Do you question the purpose of your existence? Do you want inspiration on how to find answers to those questions? This space supports you in finding truth with a higher vibration. Embrace your journey into self-love, so you can let go of your past, start healing and find more meaning and purpose in your life. And, should you choose, occasionally intertwine rituals with the cosmic forces of our natural world, so you awaken your inner soul's power. Become supernatural by doing the unnatural. I am your host, Caitie, creator of Love & Above - a platform that nourishes all walks of life to elevate higher levels of consciousness to embody a happier, healthier, and more liberating lifestyle. I'm a self-love and growth mindset mentor, Yoga & Meditation teacher of 10+ years, and a certified Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) coach & practitioner. A lover of all sweet things in life. I am a follower of the Sun, and I believe in a cause that is greater than all of us. Let's be friends and join me on this journey! Together, we can look up into the stars and be reminded of how magical and big this world really is.

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