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The Sticky Branding Podcast unpacks how to grow a Sticky Brand. Discover best practices, ideas and stories of how small- and mid-sized companies are challenging the giants of their industries to grow remarkable brands. This podcast is unique. There are lots of podcasts from authors, speakers and consultants, but the Sticky Branding Podcast shares real, boots-on-the-ground stories from business owners and CEOs of successful mid-sized companies. You may not have heard of all the brands, but there is so much you can learn from them to apply to your business! Branding isn’t about logos, taglines, or websites. Branding is about the bond you form with your customers — a bond where they choose you first. When you customers know your brand, like it, and trust it, they will choose it first. Any business of any size can grow a Sticky Brand! Tune in to learn how.

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