Stories of World War Two Fallen Heroes and the Researchers Who Find Their Stories.


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This podcast is brought to you by the nonprofit initiative ”Stories Behind the Stars”.The name Stories Behind the Stars derives its name from the World War II practice of the military giving the families of each of the fallen a banner with a gold star on it. We have the ambitious goal to collect the stories of everyone one of the 400,000+ US WWII fallen in one common database on, freely accessible to all. To make these stories even more accessible, Stories Behind the Stars is developing a smartphone app where anyone with the app can use their Smartphone camera to scan the name of any of these 400,000 fallen from a memorial or gravestone and get a link to read their stories right there. It will forever change the experience of visiting these hallowed sites. This podcast is about our journey to accomplish this goal. Listen to our researches their stories and the stories of the fallen they have found and shared.

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