2P’s Episode 56- Drowned Earth, Narrative wargaming, An interview with Chris Gough, Generals handbook 2020


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Hail Mighty Listeners,

You may need a significant amount of refreshments for this episode as we bring on the limitless excitement of Mr Christopher Gough "Narrative Chris" and we and up talking hobby well into the night.

We have tried a new way of recording which should allow us to bring on more guests to the podcast, we hope you like it.

We cover off all our usual segments and do a more in depth look at Drowned earth.

Be excellent to each other,

Grab (a lot) of refreshments

The 2Ps


00:02:36 - ONTHE HOBBY DESK - We all talk about our latest projects, Ben has started painting again!

00:43:39 - GALAXY OF WAR - We discuss our Narrative campaign

01:35:16 - THE MORTAL REALMS - We have a chat about what we know about the generals handbook and a cursory look at the Lumineth realm lords

02:11:12 - HAIL TO THE COMMUNITY - We shout out some awesome hobby and share opur views on recasting

02:39:02 - INTO THE WILDS - Drowned Earth





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