2P's Episode 58 - Cult of Paint, 3D printing, Warmaster, Morathi, Sculpting and Space Wolves


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Hail Mighty Listeners

Welcome to the epic ballad that is episode 58 (we think). We have a hobby chat with Henry Steele, Co-founder of Cult of Paint. We spent hours chatting and recorded some of it! We hope you enjoy it, because we had a blast recording it, and we hope to get Henry back in the future.

He also tells us about the Cult of Paints superb new kickstarter and we wholeheartedly recommend going and checking it out.

Its a long one, we hope you make it through, we think its worth it!

Be excellent to each other.

Grab some refreshments and join us for episode 58

The 2Ps


  • 00:02:17 - ON THE HOBBY DESK - We chat hobby with the wonderful Henry Steele, Ben talks about batch painting space wolves and a new interest in sculpting, Dan shares his experiences about 10mm
  • 01:16:10 - GALAXY OF WAR - We run through the recent releases, including the Space Wolves supplement and fabulous necromunda scenery
  • 01:49:01 - THE MORTAL REALMS - Morathi, Blood Bowl, and prediction for the future
  • 02:15:12 - HAIL TO THE COMMUNITY - Henry Steele tells us all about the superb new kickstarter by Cult of Paint
  • 03:10:09 - INTO THE WILDS - Dan barely contains his excitement as he rediscovers Warmaster, and begins a new journey into 3D printing.


Thanks once more to www.bensound.com for the music 'epic'

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