2P’s Episode 59 - Lil Legend, Sigvald, 3D printing, Lots of hobby tips and more


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Hail Mighty Listeners!

What?! a new episode! Already, yes indeed!!!

Welcome to episode 59, we are joined by Miles Davis AKA the Lil Legend. He will be chatting hobby and his hobby advent callendar.

We take our usual look at some of the recent releases and get tremendously excited about painting.

We hope you enjoy the episode,

Grab some refreshments, and join us for episode 59

Big Love

The 2Ps


  • 00:02:20 - ON THE HOBBY DESK - We chat about our hobby desks, including Lil Legend, who tells us about his Sons of Horus project
  • 00:44:09 - GALAXY OF WAR - We look at the up coming crusade pack for the Deathguard. Poor old Metallica
  • 01:02:56 - INTO THE MORTAL REALMS - Sigvald... Slaanesh... that is all
  • 01:18:36 - HAIL TO THE COMMUNITY - Lil Legend tells us all about his patreon, the hobby advent callendar and we discuss how important it is to support artists that you enjoy, and how patreon is a great vehicle to do this
  • 01:55:03 - INTO THE WILDS - Lil Legend gives us his top 5 painting tips, and we discuss a bit of Necromunda


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