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In this episode, there is a lot of Milwaukee Bucks talk so if you are fan of this team then you will love the show. Me and Lamarcus talk about the Bucks 2nd championship in 50 years. We converse on what it means to us, the city, the state and the franchise. We discuss our favorite memories of the championship run. Then, grades for the Bucks offseason and can they repeat is in the discussion. Lastly, a recap of the NBA offseason and our favorite basketball moves are in our conversation. Chats about which hoop teams improved are in the basketball show too! Like, comment, share and don’t forget to subscribe!Follow on social media:Facebook: I Be Ballin | FacebookTwitter: Ashley (@ashleyibeballi1) / TwitterInstagram: ashleyibeballin (@ashleyibeballing) • Instagram photos and videosI BE BALLIN aims to provide insightful conversations and interviews about the latest in the NBA, WNBA and basketball world. Find unique hoops content and debates every episode right here!I'm Ashley Hewing, the host of the I BE BALLIN BASKETBALL SHOW! I started this show because I love talking and watching basketball with others. I am shy but if Im talking about basketball I open up alot. I started playing basketball since elementary school and been playing ever since. My favorite team is the Milwaukee Bucks and my favorite player is Giannis Antetokounmpo.

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