12 - Honouring female sexuality explicit


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The truth is that I am not getting enough sex and I can no longer ignore this gnawing feeling that I have barely begun to experience the kind of pleasure my body is capable of. Connecting with my erotic self has became a matter of urgency. And I know that I am not alone. In my heterosexual, cisgender, white British context female sexual pleasure remains shrouded in mystery and borderline taboo. The more I learn about the connection between the treatment of the vulva and women’s ability to relax, create, explore, lead and excel the more fascinated I am. That is why I am launching 12, a podcast series exploring the twelve different ways a woman is apparently able to orgasm. I want to start a conversation. A conversation that honours women’s sexuality and their sex. A conversation which challenges the status quo of a culture with an overwhelmingly male sexual gaze. A culture which overlooks female sexual anatomy in mainstream scientific reference books and tolerates an industry where women are reduced to sexual objects. Each episode of 12 focuses on one of the ways a woman can apparently orgasm, from the g-spot to the blended orgasm, the cervix to the mind. The series delves into the elements that come into play when women have sex; the psychological, the historical, the biological, the sociological and cultural. Each episode also includes an insight into what happened when my partner and I tried to find the orgasm. 12 is packed full of honesty, vulnerability as well as practical advice.

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