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Plan your dream Disney vacation without the overwhelm. Are you trying to plan a Disney World vacation, but you’re not sure where to start? Are you feeling like you need a degree in Disney to understand all the lingo and acronyms? Are you sick of relying on tips from your sister’s neighbor, or random strangers on Facebook? Do you wish you could head into your trip feeling prepared and confident with a plan that’s right for your family and your budget? Hi, I’m Megan. At Dream Wish Plan I help moms plan their dream Disney World vacation without the overwhelm. I’ll walk you through the Disney Park basics so you’ll understand everything that Disney World has to offer. We’ll talk about vacation planning strategy so you feel confident that you have a solid plan in place that fits your family’s needs. I’ll also give you tips and hacks that are going to put you way ahead of the pack so you can maximize the fun and minimize the stress. So heat up that cup of coffee, grab your favorite notebook, and get ready to create a plan to make some magical Disney memories with your family. *Book a 1:1 Planning Call* If you want me to walk you through planning your dream vacation, and give you customized tips and a personalized itinerary, book a 1:1 planning call https://calendly.com/dreamwishplan/60-minute-disney-planning-call Connect with me at: Blog > www.dreamwishplan.com Pinterest > www.pinterest.com/dreamwishplan Instagram> www.instagram.com/dream.wish.plan

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