Ep. 4 - The Safe-T purge of what?!?!?!?


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This episode is all about Illinois HB3653, known as the Safe-T Act. It stands for ‘Safety, Accountability, Fairness, and Equity-Today’ and we discuss, in depth, how this act really does not do much to keep the citizens of Illinois very safe, how it creates problems for our State's Attorneys, and the use of recognizance bonds for felonies.
The following 12 offenses, as of January 1, 2023, will be eligible for recognizance bonds:

  1. second-degree murder
  2. arson
  3. drug-induced homicide
  4. robbery
  5. kidnapping
  6. aggravated battery
  7. burglary
  8. intimidation
  9. aggravated driving under the influence
  10. fleeing and eluding
  11. drug offenses, and
  12. threatening a public official

I would love to say that this was a parody episode... but it truly is not.

Here's the disclaimers, folks...
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