Episode 445 - Portland, Oregon


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Known as Beervana for a reason, Portland, Oregon is maybe the premier beer destination city in the United States. Summer Craig recently spent some time getting to know the beers of the Pacific Northwest, and he got some help from accomplished beer writer Jeff Alworth. The Beer Bible author gives us the story of Portland’s beer proclivities and how they don’t always follow the national trends. Also, Jeff gives us good Portland beer history, explains how the hazy trend might’ve actually started out west, and tells us whether or not “smoothie sours” made it into the recent reprinting of his book. We also review five stellar beers from Portland breweries, yell stuff at HackerMan, conceptualize Inkblot Brewing, and try to solve a beer snob mystery.

Jeff Alworth Interview (00:14:58 - 00:51:24)

Beers Reviewed

Breakside Brewery w/ Barley Brown’s Beer - WanderJack (American IPA)

Ruse Brewing - Wolves in the Rain (West Coast IPA)

Wayfinder Beer - Original Cold IPA

Little Beast Brewing - Dream State (Foeder-aged Ale w/ strawberries)

Upright Brewing Company - Pathways (Blended saison)

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