Stone To Drone: Paradigm Shifting with Eugenia Krok, MA [Instagram Live 6/30/22]


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Astrologer, Eugenia Krok, MA went live today to discuss the astrology for the week ahead for your clients and customers. Here are some key highlights: Mars & Aries, Eris & Aries Squaring Pluto - Pluto is the plumber of the zodiac: clearing the clogged pipes or putting new pipes in. When it comes to building a home and making it work, plumbing is one of the most important first things to add. Pluto has been in Capricorn. The masculine/ feminine battle right now is strong. When we think about masculinity, men are single-focused. Women are multi-focused and have stronger peripheral vision. What’s being transformed and gutted out is the masculine approach to life. Think castle with a moat. Capricorn = brick and mortar. Building a wall, a moat, and keeping people out is very Capricorn. We went from Stone to Drone. Rather than having to build a wall, now we have the technology and use things like drones for protection. These days, cyber security is just as important as physical security. We are shifting from the masculine to the feminine - going from a single to a multiple focus. Pluto is squaring Mars and Aries. Mars is a masculine energy. This energy is dominant and strong, reactive energy. Mars being reactionary, is at a tension point with Pluto. The last time Mars squared Pluto was the summer of 2020. It was a very reactionary time due to Covid, the lockdowns, and the election. People were battling inside of their own families and relationships. Huge presence of riots and anger. We are now seeing it again. Deep wounded Scorpio is being triggered. The current news is triggering many people. It is hitting people at a primal Scorpionic level. I encourage you to work with your clients on going through the deep patterns that are coming up. Cancer is involved, so there could be family trauma coming up as well. The sun in Cancer is female. Wounds clogging us up are getting triggered. It’s time to release and push through things in your world that might be holding you back.

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