Astrology for the Week of 6/13/2022 With Tareck Adeeb [Instagram LIVE]


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Astrologer Tarek Adeeb went LIVE on Monday, 6/13/2022 to discuss the astrology for the week ahead, including Venus conjunct the North Node (6/16), Venus square Saturn (6/18) bringing newness and expansion. We are in the everything bubble right now. Uranus is currently causing a lot of the unexpected. We are in a contrarian time, doing the opposite of what everyone else does. Mercury is currently going into Gemini today. We are coming out of the shadow period.

Now is the time to get prepared for what is coming: Thrive vs. survive. Focus on gratitude.

Join Tareck EVERY Monday at 9 am MST to hear about the astrology for the week ahead.

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