Recognizing What’s Real with Astrologer, Tareck Adeeb [Instagram LIVE 7/25/22]


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Astrologer, Tareck Adeeb went LIVE on Instagram today to discuss the astrology of the week ahead, including the following highlights:

We’re living in a bizarre time on Earth. Technology is making time feel so fast. Many people don’t want to look at the reality of what is actually happening right now. We are facing unprecedented change. If we relax and just chill out, it can help. The world is falling down. Focus on grace, humility, and gratitude. We have to go through grief. Grief is coming from the south node in Scorpio. It can mean loss of family, friends, loss of income. Survive or thrive. We need to put things in perspective. Taurus conjunction at the end of the month. Venus square in Jupiter 7/25 Juno goes Retrograde 7/25 Uranus conjunct in North Node on 7/31. Focus on going into it by thriving. What’s important is perspective and accountability. We need to grow up and accept choices. We also need to recognize what is real. Join Astrologer, Tareck Adeeb's weekly Instagram Lives on Mondays at 9 am MST on Instagram at @Accessible_Astrology.

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