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Streaming music has a lot of benefits. But it can also have some downsides. In this video, I explain the five main disadvantages to streaming music and show you how to avoid them.

Music streaming, whether it's through Spotify or Youtube, has to be one of the greatest expansions in music consumption. For a few bucks a month, you have access to millions of songs. You have seemingly infinite choices.

But there are plenty of negatives to this easy consumption of music. Do you remember the days where you had to go to a music store, search for an album, purchase the album, and invest time into making that album worth it?

With streaming, you lose all of the process and ritual that made the discovery of new music magical. We've lost the cultural touchstone of sharing music through word of mouth recommendations. Instead, we're fed recommendations by an algorithm — which is incredibly helpful at times, but lacks a human touch.

There are plenty of reasons to like streaming music, but there is a dark side to all the convenience that streaming music provides. This episodes seeks to address some of those issues.

In addition to talking about the dark side of music streaming, you'll get a big update from Heartbreaker Guitars on everything from new models to supply chain explanations.

Featured in this episode... - Heartbreaker Guitars - Furch Guitars - Molly Tuttle - Chicago Music Exchange - Billy Strings

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