The Great Search: Very Low Dropout 1A Schottky Diode (MBR120VL replacement)


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We use lots of Schottky diodes in our products for power supply circuits. Traditionally we've used the On Semi MBR120VLSFT1G ( which is 20V forward, 1A current, SOD-123 package, and a slim 340mV forward drop at 1A. You'll be shocked (or is it...Schottk'd?) to hear that it's unobtanium, with a 75 week lead time. We looked at some other parts in the MBR120 base product number family ( but they're also out of stock! However, we will not be deterred - let's use our Great Search Skills to find a good drop-in replacement diode at Digi-Key with matching-or-better specifications! See the chosen part on Digi-Key Visit the Adafruit shop online - ----------------------------------------- LIVE CHAT IS HERE! Adafruit on Instagram: Subscribe to Adafruit on YouTube: New tutorials on the Adafruit Learning System: ----------------------------------------- #adafruit #thegreatsearch #digikey @Digi-Key

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