Episode 145: Being Ian (with Ian Mondrick)


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This week’s guest is comic book writer Ian Mondrick. Ian’s work has been featured in notable comic book anthologies such as Unlawful Good and Corpus, eventually creating his own entitled Curio: The Anti-Thematic Anthology. Ian chats with Adrian about his upcoming horror comic Tomb of the White Horse which features a cover by Kim Myatt with art by co-creator/illustrator Benjamin A.E. Filby, colorist Lesley Atlansky (Baroque Pop) and letterer Zak Saam (Vagrant Queen). He and Adrian also have hilarious observations on parenting, pop culture FOMO and Avengers fan-casting with fellow comic book creators. Click the link below for the Kickstarter page for Tomb of the White Horse!Tomb of the White Horse on Kickstarter

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