Episode 175: Adrian's Lament (with Stemage)


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Grant Henry, known best by his stage name Stemage, is a composer, session player, and audio engineer. He is the creator of Metroid Metal, performed with Viking Guitar and the guitar player for the Emmy-nominated animated series Steven Universe. His credits also include Ikenfell, Chicory: A Colorful Tale and Runner3. Recorded at the start of 2022, Adrian chats with Stemage about his experiences writing the music for the Hextech Mayhem, a rhythm-based videogame set in the League of Legends franchise from Riot Forge (Ruined King) and Choice Provisions (Bit.Trip). Additionally, Stemage lends his thoughts on balancing hired session work and personal projects, the process of creating the Adrian Has Issues theme song and how he’s found inspiration from an unlikely musical source.

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