Ep. 155 Amity Technology


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This episode’s focus is on Amity Technology and more specifically, its sugar beet equipment and technology. Amity, based in Fargo, N.D., manufactures a line of sugar beet equipment – more specifically three primary products: the defoliator, the harvester, and the beet cart. Michael Anderson, engineering manager with Amity, joins host Tony Kramer to discuss more about sugar beet equipment and technologies that growers are using across the globe. You can learn more about solutions from your local dealer or RDO Equipment Co. Visit our website at www.rdoequipment.com ----- Additional Resources for our listeners: Learn more about Amity Technology by visiting them online: https://www.amitytech.com/ You can find past podcast episodes by visiting: www.rdoequipment.com/resources/podcasts Have precision ag questions? We have the answers. Find a specific channel dedicated to answering your precision technology questions: Precision Ag Answers bit.ly/3eDQQYb ----- Have a precision ag topic the podcast should cover? Connect with us on social media: Instagram | Facebook | YouTube | Twitter and connect with podcast host, Tony Kramer on Twitter at: (at)RDOTonyK.

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