Phillipa Ross: Articulation Station & Adjusting To Teletherapy


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Our guest on this episode of the All About Kids podcast is Phillipa Ross, a speech language pathologist who is completing her clinical fellowship with AAK. Phillipa shares her perspectives on the abrupt shift to teletherapy in the midst of COVID-19, discussing both the challenges and the opportunities that the digital platform present for having meaningful interactions with her clients. These current circumstances emphasize the importance of being flexible and sensitive, treating each client and each session in a unique way to best serve the clients and their families.

For younger clients, Phillipa has found that building rapport with their parents and finding out what activities or characters they like goes a long way in connecting with the child. This communication channel with the parents is also important when it comes to being informed in a timely manner about cancellations or absences, which have a way of disrupting every therapist’s day-to-day. Phillipa leaves listeners with the advice to evaluate each child as a whole, not just looking at the results of a specific test, and helping those closest to the child understand how their challenges could be impacting their day-to-day habits and routines.

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