Mailbag: Will Larry Fitzgerald join the Vikings? Will Pat P talk trash to DeAndre Hopkins? Who's harder to prepare for: Lamar Jackson or Tom Brady?


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Patrick Peterson and Bryant McFadden are back at it for another jam-packed episode of All Things Covered. First and foremost, we have to settle last week's bet between P2 and BMac (1:15). After the guys finish some high school trash talk, they move on to college with both LSU and FSU starting their respective seasons this week. Each of our co-hosts share some stories from their playing days in Baton Rouge and Tallahassee. Next, SKOL Check-In covers it all from cut day to the preseason to Irv Smith's injury to Harrison Smith's contract extension (21:00). Finally, Around the League returns to focus on Cam Newton's release by the Patriots (33:00). Did Mac Jones deserve the starting job? Next up, we're doing things a bit different this week. Instead of chatting with a guest, Patrick Peterson and Bryant McFadden empty out the All Things Covered mailbag, answering questions from the listeners and viewers (43:00)! Who will Pat P be listening to before his Week 1 matchup vs. the Bengals? Who is he closest with on the Vikings? Who will Larry Fitzgerald play for in 2021? Who has the higher ceiling: Kyler Murray or Jalen Hurts? Should the Steelers sign Cam Newton? All those questions answered and MUCH MORE on this special edition of ATC.

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