How To Increase Your SBI Credit Card Limit


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Credit cards are a useful tool since they assist users in difficult financial situations and, in addition, help them establish a high credit score. A spending limit is imposed every time a credit card issuer issues a card to a customer. SBI Credit Card Limit defines the amount that you can spend on your credit card at a given point of time. There are three types of limits on your credit card- Total Credit Limit, Available Credit Limit and Cash Limit.

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Total Credit Limit

Your credit card's maximum spending limit is this sum. Each time you make a purchase, the limit will be reduced by the amount spent, and it will be refilled as soon as you complete a bill payment.

Available Credit Limit

You may use this amount at any time if it is available to you at that particular moment.For instance, if your SBI Card has a total credit limit of Rs. 1 lakh and you make a purchase for Rs. 20,000, the remaining credit limit will be Rs. 80,000.

Cash Limit

You can also use your credit card to make cash withdrawals with the SBI Card. You are only permitted to withdraw money up to your cash limit, though. 10% of the overall credit limit is often the cash limit.

SBI offers two different ways for its credit card customers to revise their credit limits.

Pre-approved credit limit offer

Credit limit increase on request

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