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Celebrate Universal Love and inspired Angel Messages. I see, feel and hear Angels and Ascended Masters. I provide Angel Messages directly without human filters. This show is for those who have a loving heart. I focus in on relationships, spiritual lessons to evolve, career, personal development. I do not do predictions/time lines. I am not the appropriate person for those who have huge financial issues, heavy drama, physical ailments, addictions or criminal cases. We meditate to connect to Universal Love I share inspirational articles I wrote and messages to expand into greater love vibrations. Thank you for those who give love donations for this radio show. Donate here: Off the Air, you can book private sessions, purchase authored products & an online series spiritual journey to divine love that I created TO Learn more click on tabs above About Angelica: Angel Messages, Angel Love Coach, Certified Hypnotist, Author, Minister of LOVE, Energy Love Frequency Sessions, Meditation Classes, International radio broadcaster.

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