Anne Ortelee's February 21, 2021 Weekly Weather


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Anne Ortelee, a nationally (NCGR-PAA Level 3, AMAFA, OPA) and internationally (ISAR) certified astrologer, presents her Cosmic Weekly Weather report. Based on the astrology configurations above our heads, Anne discusses the energy we can expect to experience on Planet Earth during the upcoming week. She offers a brief astrology lesson! You can always book a private consultation with Anne to discuss your personal questions and your chart. A juicy full moon in Pisces takes us back to August 2019 and June 2020! Venus enters into Pisces making us sensitive, emotional and full of dreams! Active Nodes with Planets inviting us forward! Mars Trine Pluto in earth building new dreams in reality! Ceres enters Aries for a new 4 year cycle around the chart initiating new heath and eating activities! The entire sky answers to Saturn in Aquarius. Mercury is forward to clear his shadow ~ pass three over the issues elucidated since January 15, 2021. Forward into change! A new story of action around expansion and structure.

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