Anne Ortelee's October 10, 2021 Weekly Weather


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Anne Ortelee, a nationally (NCGR-PAA Level 3, AMAFA, OPA) and internationally (ISAR) certified astrologer, presents her Cosmic Weekly Weather report. Based on the astrology configurations above our heads, Anne discusses the energy we can expect to experience on Planet Earth during the upcoming week. She offers a brief astrology lesson! You can always book a private consultation with Anne to discuss your personal questions and your chart. Fall is here! Mercurty is retrograde and slowing to turn direct. Saturn turns direct and moves forward, full steam ahead. Ghosts from your past arrive. Eris and Pluto square each other, part 5 of 5 squares and later this week, Sun enters into the square with them. Talk to your ghosts. The heavens are swirling in change. The big guys are all stopping and turning direct... we will be flying very soon. Make the last minute modifications to your life. Restructure your reality. What do YOU want revise and change in your life structures?

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