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In this episode of the Anthropology in Business podcast, Simon Roberts speaks with Matt Artz about his career as a business anthropologist. The conversation covers Simon's twenty-year career, which has included founding the UK’s first dedicated ethnographic research company, running an innovation lab at Intel, being ethnographer-in-residence at technology think tank iSociety, and co-founding Stripe Partners. The conversation also dives into the concept of embodied knowledge which Simon discusses in his recent book, The Power of Not Thinking: How Our Bodies Learn and Why We Should Trust Them.

About Simon Roberts

Simon Roberts is Co-founder and Partner at Stripe Partners and President of the EPIC Board. Simon’s work has been covered by Bloomberg, Financial Times, Wall Street Journal, BBC Radio 4 and Quartz. His book on embodied knowledge, The Power of Not Thinking: How Our Bodies Learn and Why We Should Trust Them, was published by Bonnier in 2020. Simon holds a PhD in anthropology from the University of Edinburgh.

The Power of Not Thinking
In The Power of Not Thinking, Stripe Simon engages with the growing body of science to explain the concept of embodied knowledge. The book demonstrates the value it has for the ambitious organizations and leaders. Using case studies from Facebook, Procter & Gamble, Air Liquide and Intel, The Power of Not Thinking lifts the lid on how Stripe Partners do it and why it has worked to transform how its clients operate.

About Stripe Partners
The Stripe Partners team blends hands-on business know-how with rigorous, academic-led expertise in ethnography and the human sciences. We are a diverse group brought together by a shared passion for bridging the gap between business and what happens in the real world.

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About the Anthropology in Business Podcast
The Anthropology in Business podcast is for anthropologists and business leaders interested in learning more about the many ways anthropology is applied in business and why business anthropology is one of the most effective lenses for making sense of organizations and consumers. It is hosted by Matt Artz (, a business anthropologist specializing in design anthropology and working at the intersection of product management, user experience, and business strategy. To learn more about the Anthropology in Business podcast, please visit the website (

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