AJP 54 | Grace Eboue – leaving Norway after 22 years


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Head Accountant and Artist Grace Eboue has lived in Norway her whole adult life, but has recently given up to fit in and is moving back to Cameroon this year. She is shocked to see how indifferent most people are when the government is abusing its people, and how suppressed and ugly sides of the population are surfacing during this time. Grace explains how the African continent has been a victim of the same suppressors for centuries and tells that they have realised it for a while and therefore the majority don't believe in the Western narrative anymore. Even though the leaders try to push the agenda, she experiences a population who opposes it and share a beautiful and inclusive social life.
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Opptaksdato: 2022-02-16
Publiseringsdato: 2022-03-26
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