AJP 68 | Richard Gage – 3500 architects and engineers opposing 9/11 narrative


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Architect Richard Gage and a group of 3500 architects and engineers are demanding a new investigation into what happened to the World Trade Center (WTC) on September 11th, 2001. As professionals, they have found so many technical and logical flaws in the official narrative that they are convinced the truth has not been told. The US government's investigation concluded that fires made the steel melt, but Gage claims the temperatures had to be at least 500 degrees Celsius higher than any office fire, or even airplane fuel fires, can cause. 9/11 was the first and last time in history that skyscrapers fell because of fires, and WTC building 7 was not even hit by an airplane. Yet, it collapsed symmetrically, like a controlled demolition – just like the two other buildings.
9/11: Crime Scene to Courtroom
Richard Gage at C-SPAN
Richard Gage at Fox News
› World Trade Center Building 7
University of Alaska Fairbanks - WTC7 report
Free-Fall Acceleration | World Trade Center Building 7
Architects and Engineers: Solving the Mystery of Building 7
› Reports
FEMA report Appendix C - Limited Metallurgical Examination
◦ “Evidence of a severe high temperature corrosion attack on the steel, including oxidation and sulfidation with subsequent intergranular melting, was readily visible in the near-surface microstructure. A liquid eutectic mixture containing primarily iron, oxygen, and sulfur formed during this hot corrosion attack on the steel.”
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David Ray Griffin (search)
Books by David Ray Griffin
Steven E. Jones (search)
Kevin Ryan 9/11 (search)
Leslie E. Robertson (search)
Niels Harrit (search)
Professor Leroy Hulsey (search)
› Key organisations mentioned
National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)
NIST - World Trade Center Investigation
Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)
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Opptaksdato: 2022-09-19
Publiseringsdato: 2022-09-23
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