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Arete is a Greek word that essentially means “the fulfilment of one’s full potential”. Or as the famous Greek author Homer wrote, “where heroes gather to realise their full potential”. The Arete podcast is designed to showcase the careers of leading CEOs, Chairs and other successful senior leaders. Rather than a formal interview, this is a relaxed “fireside chat” style conversation, where Richard Triggs talks to the guest about their careers, key achievements, lessons learned along the way, and other interesting elements about how their careers have unfolded over the years. The idea is that aspiring and incumbent C-Suite executives and Non Executive Directors will have the ability to listen to those “who have walked the path before them”, in order to gain some insights and wisdom, and thereby accelerate the listener’s own career to its fullest potential. Richard is the Managing Partner of Arete Executive, a boutique executive search firm based in Brisbane. Richard Triggs’ new book “Uncover the Hidden Job Market – How to find and win your next Senior Executive role” was released in 2015.

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