Episode 52 - Crusade Campaign - Chaos Renegade Guard 25PL


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Following on from last episode's discussion about Steve's Tallarn, today the team discuss Dan's long-awaited Renegade Guard project for his #KeepCalmandCrusadeOn Crusade army!

Steve enquires into the background and models for Dan's first 25 Power Level list for his fallen warriors of Cadia, discussing which units he'll be using and why.

Apologies if the sound quality is a bit off in this episode, both Steve and Dan were recording in different conditions with different equipment than usual due to the crazy heatwave in the UK at the mo!

Stay safe everyone, and #KeepCalmandCrusadeOn!


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Matt from the ProPainted Podcast is hosting the Neltharion Schism Crusade group that we're part of, and is posting details here - propaintedstudios.co.uk/blogs/pro-painted-podcast

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