Week Of September 30, 2022 Kite In Astrology & Weekly Astrology


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Shelley discusses kites aspect in astrology, and the weekly astrology. 23:40 FRIDAY 24:46 SATURDAY 25:14 SUNDAY 27:35 MONDAY 30:03 TUESDAY 31:19 WEDNESDAY 32:47 THURSDAY Shelley Overton has been studying astrology for 30+ years, and a professional astrologer for 20. Shelley can help you find your birth triggers, the best times to initiate projects and when you will have an easier time relating, and finding love, career decisions, and all areas of your life. *DISCLAIMER - For entertainment purposes only. READINGS: https://angeliczodiac.com/ PATREON: www.Patreon.com/astroshelley ANGELICZODIAC: https://angeliczodiac.com/ CONTACT Shelley at so@angeliczodiac.com FOLLOW on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/angeliczodiac https://www.facebook.com/AstroEnergyAstrology on Instagram: @angeliczodiac and @artfulshelley Podcast: www.soundcloud.com/astroenergyshow SHELLEY’S ART: www.ShelleyOverton.com Music attribution: Kevin MacLeod at www.Incompetech.com Mountainhead: https://soundcloud.com/mountain-head-498852280/tracks

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