Greta Georges in Singapore an interview with Dr Theja via ZOOM re Vedic Astrology


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Greta Georges, Creative Director of Cloudy South Productions, Singapore in an interview with Dr Theja on Vedic Astrology

About Greta is the Creative Director of Cloudy South Productions and specializes in producing Asian content for an international audience.

Prior to joining CCTV’s Travelogue, Greta Georges fronted a popular morning show at an English adult contemporary radio station in Singapore as a Producer/Presenter. She also reported for Channel News Asia and produced current affairs programs ranging from arts and entertainment to medical.

She made her first short guerrilla film called, “Where are the weapons of mass destruction?” with sponsorship from Panasonic and travelled to Barcelona Peace Forums and George Bush's inauguration in Washington DC. She moved to London and worked as a freelance researcher for the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) World Service Radio. While she was there, her community efforts include working at the event’s department at The Prince's Trust, a UK based charity.


In tandem with her on-screen and communication work, Greta is a bilingual Master of Ceremony with over 10 years of experience.

She has presented in front of important heads of states and motivated audience of up to 3,000 people.

Her clients include BMW, Swarovski and Samsung and her work at the majority of these events has involved end-to-end production responsibility including client product/creative consultation, scriptwriting, rehearsals and live presentation.

Top Highlights from events hosted.

• APEC Summit with Thai Prime Minister as Guest of Honor • Moon Cake Festival, Singapore Prime Minister Guest of Honor Mr. Lee Hsein Loong • Offshore Investment Banking Dinner at Rasa Sentosa Shangri-La Resort • HP International Media Launch at the Glass House Museum, Shanghai • Hua Wei Telecommunications at St Regis Hotel Singapore • Nokia CEO Summit, Bali Indonesia • World Harmony Day, Suntec City Fountain • Philips International Media Launch • McDonald’s Motivational Staff Party (3000 pax) • Christian Dior Launch

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