The Atheist Experience 26.25 06-19-2022 with Apostate Prophet and Secular Rarity


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In today’s episode of the Atheist Experience, Secularity Rarity is joined by Apostate Prophet! First up is David from Canada who is calling to argue for a necessary uncaused first cause for the universe, ie a creator god. Next up is Kevin from UT who is calling to ask for advice on how to help comfort religious family members who are grieving the death of a family member. The caller is out as an atheist, so they are unsure of how to approach them without potentially triggering a confrontation. Ben from AK makes an argument for something, in theory about a necessary first cause being. If anyone watching can piece this puzzle together, please let us know on the Facebook group. Next is Kevin from GA who is against the support for trans individuals because they don’t understand how someone knowing their trans is any different than someone claiming to have spoken with God in the bedroom. Up next is Ahmad from WA is calling to talk about the anchor point for objective theistic morality, and the lack of one when it comes to Atheism. Next up is Timothy from CA who wants to talk about what the Hadith says about abortion, specifically that Allah gives a fetus a soul after four months. AP breaks down this statement and points out the inconsistencies between Islamic culture and the schools of thought therewithin, and what is stated about abortion. Next is William from FL who is calling to ask our hosts how we know 100% that other humans exist. Apparently, our hosts know humans exist with 100% certainty because we have some sort of soul knowledge and that is somehow proof for God? Daniel from MD is calling to ask if religious indoctrination, e.g. inducing fear of hell, child abuse and if so where should that line be drawn between the two?

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