The Atheist Experience 26.32 08-07-2022 with Matt Dillahunty and Kenneth Leonard


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Welcome back to the show! In today’s episode of the Atheist Experience, Matt Dillahunty is joined by Kenneth Leonard! Our first caller today is Michael from MI who believes that mathematical imaginary numbers can prove the existence of well– their definition of God at least. Denver from VA wants advice on how to introduce skepticism to their very unskeptical girlfriend who believes in significant amounts of woo including astrology and alternative “natural” medicine. While the caller doesn’t want to interfere with their right to do these medical procedures on their own body, they are concerned about the future if they happen to have a kid. Ralph from FL is calling to demonstrate the existence of a God but claims that you must accept it first then look for evidence. Alright then, the initial singularity that the big bang originated from was actually a hot dog, just accept it. I don’t know what goes into modern hot dogs, maybe this one contained all of the matter in the universe, trust me. Tyler from MD asserts that because we can’t know everything or have evidence for every claim, that faith is somehow a viable alternative. Khan from India is calling to make a case that Atheists have a faith-based position because they claim to know no gods exist. No, we don't. Eric from NY is calling to present an argument from complexity and modified watchmakers analogy, but with atoms and smartphones and beavers so it's cooler.

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